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Who are we?

- is a team of professionals who have been creating and developing websites for traffic arbitrage for over a year.

We create both prelends that sell a product natively, and lends (black-pages) for your desired offer (in fact, we are a full-cycle service, where you can fully design your offer).
We've grown a lot this year, both in skill,
as well as in intelligence, which is why we can be trusted
tasks of any complexity and ideas.
The main goal of our service is to create
maximize relevance and conversion sites.

Some numbers

  • Successfully realized

    over 50

  • Our sites have brought


    to their customers
  • Average CR

    = 3-4%

Stages of work

  • 1

    Write to us in a working telegram:

    @fbm_manager IMPORTANT: Recently there have been scammers posing as us, so check your contact carefully.
  • 2

    Then, together with you, we draw up the most detailed Terms of Reference: the more details, the better

  • 3

    We agree terms and payment (we work on full prepayment)

  • 4

    After payment, we take your order to work

  • 5

    As soon as the site is ready, we send it to you for checking. If all is well, we close the order.

popular questions

  • You can always find out the current prices in a private message at @fbm_manager

  • It is impossible to predict anything for sure, all activity is directly related to tests, and there are a huge number of factors that can affect the conversion. That's why we recommend splitting several prelends at once, so the chance of a high conversion is higher. As for lends, the conversion is almost always decent.

  • Typically 5-7 days, but you will be able to find out more precise figures just before you pay.

  • Yes, at the end you will get a completely universal product, created by us specifically for your task. The site will have a unique design and story (if something will not be unique, we will additionally bring it to the discussion and argue).

  • Yes, of course. All projects come under the auspices of "confidential". We respect the privacy of you and your bays (if you give us the green light, we'll gladly post a case study collaboration to the channel)

  • Yes! The discount for bulk order can be up to 20%, please check the details with @fbm_manager


  • Order a site

    "Hi arbitrageur! Write to me in private,
    we'll map out the front lines and get on with it."

    — [FBM] Manager
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